Which means 11:08pm in California, but no…we are in Rexburg, ID xD. The rest of this week and all of next week are going to seem brutally insane and busy. Although I am excited for all of these upcoming and ongoing opportunities, I need to remember the importance of Time Management, and my family. No … More 12:08am


I will get better at this. Still new to the world of blogging. I’d like to think it is exactly the same as having casual conversations, but there are specific differences that create obvious boundaries. Anyways, so much happens every day, and I often want to share it with everyone without filters. This isn’t always … More 10:01pm

The Joys of Health

Meaning, you’re not always healthy, right? Well, let me tell you about the last two weeks, short and sweet, I almost died. Okay, not really, but really. My husband and I believe that my daughter caught a stomach bug from a Daycare we really enjoy taking her to (by the way, she hadn’t been there … More The Joys of Health

Do not FAFSA late

Yes, I understand the grammatical errors within my title. Literally…I don’t care. Yes, I am one of those people who decided to apply for FAFSA much later (happy to explain much later as the circumstances were pretty spontaneous anyway), AND I even filled out the wrong application year. I’m pretty sure out of the two … More Do not FAFSA late


Have YOU ever tried recipes from TASTY? Those videos have convinced me that my life could use more bacon & Nutella.


I find this hilarious…really, I do. For years, I have been trying to remain consistent with my blog-keeping up. I cannot tell you–even if I could–how many blogs I have created. As a former Tumblr user, the need for blogging was a HIGH[five] PRIORITY!!! So what happened? Perhaps, my take on the word “blogging”has seemed … More 9:50pm

Recipe After Recipe

I have recently flipped a rusty  bake-cook switch within me. Seeing that my husband’s new job takes up a bit more of the day than before, and that we are expecting this November, I figured I needed to venture back into the world of cooking and baking. In high school, I definitely baked plenty-a-time; as … More Recipe After Recipe